Launched new official logo for Rajput Business website

Launched new official logo for Rajput Business website

Rajput Business Official Logo

Greetings! We are happy to launch new official logo for Rajput Business website. This logo is designed by Easy Infosoft, and it looks like Rajput’s Logo. We have applied this logo to Rajput Business website today (19th November, 2017). You can view this logo at header (top left side) in this website.


About Rajput Business Logo

New logo contain two main parts 1. Square Logo and 2. Full logo. Square logo contains two styles alphabet characters “R” and “B” which represent Rajput Business. Also, this logo showing word “रा” which is sort form of Rajput (in Hindi राजपूत). Detailed logo contains both, main square logo and word Rajput Business. Word Rajput is written in Hindi and showing as “राजपूत”, which looks likes real Rajput effect. Word “Business” is written in English with stylish thin fonts. Overall logo contains four colors 1. Light Yellow (Hex code: #FF860D), 2. Blue (Hex code: #196592), 3. Black (Hex code: #000) and 4. White (Hex code: #fff).

We hope newly launched logo will make this site’s look more beautiful.

Thanks for visiting Rajput Business website. Keep visiting, stay tuned 🙂

Rajput Business Logo

Color used:

  • Light Yellow (Hex code: #FF860D)
  • Blue (Hex code: #196592)
  • Black (Hex code: #000)
  • White (Hex code: #fff)

Logo designed by: Easy Infosoft

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