Rajput Business Expo 2018 (16, 17, 18 February, 2018)

Rajput Business Expo 2018 (16, 17, 18 February, 2018)

3rd Rajput Business Expo 2018

Rajput Business Expo 2018 is the 3rd Rajput Business Exhibition & Conclave which is organized by Akhil Gujarat Rajput Yuva Sangh. This business expo will held in River-front, Ahmedabad, Gujarat in February, 2018.


Any Rajput Businessman can join this Business Expo and show their business products / services to demonstrate. This business expo also allow B2B meets and business seminars which covers some business tips, guidance and ideas from existing Rajput Business leaders.

You can contact AGRYS officials for more details on Rajput Business Expo 2018.

Rajput Business Expo is chargeable service, NOT FREE.

AGRYS organizes business expo in every two years. 1st Business Expo was held in 2014 at Surendranagar, Gujarat, 2nd business expo was held in Delhi in 2016.


  • 200+ Stalls
  • B2B Meets
  • Job Fair
  • Seminar
  • Culture Meets

This business expo will organized at beautiful River-front at Ahmedabad in February, 2018. At this business expo, there are various pavilions set for various business categories.

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  • International Pavillion
  • Trade & Industries Pavillion
  • Rajputani Pavillion
  • Culture & History Pavillion
  • B2B Meets
  • Job Fair
  • Business & Culture seminar

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3rd Rajput Business Expo 2018 Schedule

First Day (16 February)


All Rajputs from anywhere in the world can participate whether you have booked stall or not. Please most welcome to witness the most revolutionary program in history of Rajputs.


Rajputanis are important part of The record making 3rd Rajput business expo-2018 in form of 60 business stalls in rajputani pavilion. And history and culture pavilion. </br>
What’s the active role of rajputanis in changing era and how rajputanis can do business with maintaining the great Rajput culture?


B2B Meet for Rajput Businessman. Where they can discuss with other businessman.

Second Day (17 February)


On occasion of 3rd Rajput business expo-2018, we have organised Rajput advocates and professionals conference on 17 February at 4.00 pm at Karnavati nagar, River front, Karnavati, Ahmedabad. Please be there

Third Day (18 February)


Arranged Medico conference for Rajput Businessman.

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Word Book of Records Certificate

3rd Rajput Business Expo got certificate from World Books of Records (London) Certificate under title “Biggest Business Exhibition organized in 1 lac Sq. Ft. Area participated by 2 lac visitors from 16/02/2018 to 18/02/2018


AGRYS is stands for Akhil Gujarat Rajput Yuva Sangh, which is Rajput organization and registered trust, founded by Dr Jayendrasinh Jadeja (Jabida, Dist: Jamnagar). AGRYS doing some social activities i.e., Job Seminar, Kanya Chhatralays, Vidyarthi Sanmaan Samaroh etc…

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